Newport Beach real estate owners do boxing workouts.It’s hard to believe we’re already three weeks in to the new year. How are your new year’s resolutions going? A lot of us vow to get in shape and start exercising regularly, but let’s face it, your traditional gym can be pretty boring. If you need a little jump start for your fitness goals, check out Box Haus, the hottest new workout space on Newport Beach real estate. The fitness studio is staffed with great coaches, who have lots of experience in the fitness and boxing worlds. Whether you’re brand-new to the sport or want to improve your skills, Box Haus has the perfect package of classes for you.

Learn to Box on Newport Beach Real Estate

Newport Beach home owners who have never boxed before should check out either the single class pass, at $39 or the new member intro price of $69 for four classes over 30 days. The intro price includes glove rental. Plan to get to the studio about 15 minutes before your class starts. You’ll have time to put your stuff away in one of the lockers, complete with digital locks and charging stations. A staff member will show you around the studio, help you with your wraps and get you gloves and a towel.

Each Box Haus group class includes nine rounds of boxing for every student. The classes max out at 20 students. In between your rounds, you’ll do high intensity interval training (HIIT) to keep your heartrate up. It’s 45 minutes of high intensity action. If you want a little more one-on-one time with the coach, sign up for a ringside class. These classes have only four students and focus on stance, footwork, correct form for punching, and technique. For more intensive training, check out the private classes.

In addition to a regular schedule of classes, you can rent the Newport Beach real estate location for a team building experience or a bachelorette or bachelor party.

Visit Box Haus to learn more.