Renovate a beachfront Newport Beach home before selling.When planning to sell your older Newport Beach home, be sure to address any maintenance issues before putting the house on the market. Certain types of problems commonly arise in a house when it is located so close to the beach. People who want to live a beach lifestyle find these issues a fair trade for the view and way of life. However, not all buyers will be so keen to deal with a long list of problems when purchasing a Newport Beach home that sits on the shore.

Make Your Newport Beach Home Shine Before Putting It Up for Sale

Think about curb appeal. Keep in mind that cute furniture sitting on the front porch may be old and damaged by the weather. Be sure all outdoor furniture is repaired and repainted, or replace it. Make sure the yard and front of the house look great. A good first impression is key when a potential buyer drives up.

Other problems that arise with Newport Beach real estate located on the beach are rot and corrosion, salt buildup, and mold and mildew infestations. Inspect building materials for signs of rot and corrosion. The moist salty air can do a number on drywall or exterior siding. Salt can build up on window frames and metal surfaces could have rust on them or start to corrode because of the salt. Also be aware of mold and mildew. This issue can cause health problems and leave a smell that would be unpleasant for anyone coming to look at the home.

It is a good idea to have a professional come take a look at the beach property months before you plan to sell. This will give a good idea of any repairs and projects that should be completed before putting the home on the market. A beach house in good shape will be attractive to someone looking to invest in Newport Beach property.