People living in Orange County love Halloween.For those of us living in coastal Orange County, we don’t get a very dramatic change of seasons. However, that’s no reason to skip decorating your coastal Orange County home for Halloween. And if you’d like some inspiration for a super spooky haunted house or a weird but friendly pumpkin patch, then head to the Cabinet of Curiosities at Roger’s Gardens.

People Living in Coastal Orange County and Love a Good Scare Will Have a Blast

The Cabinet of Curiosities is an annual event, and if you love Halloween, this is the place for you. A team of artists works together to bring to life uniquely unsettling displays of weirdities. Do you dare to sit down in Dracula’s Dining Room or visit Frankenstein’s Laboratory? See if you can get up the courage to see The Bride of Frankenstein’s eerie Chamber. The Creature is waiting for you in the Black Lagoon. Can you brave the mummies that have escaped from their graves in the Mummy’s Tomb? Finally, only the bravest can bear a night at Bates Motel.

Not only are the displays amazing artwork, most of the items in them are for sale. So you can buy up your favorites and bring your own Halloween vision to life. Find flickering electric candles, sacks of skulls, and sumptuous velvet pumpkins. There are human skeletons in three different sizes, as well as a host of animal species. Discover mermaids, mice, crows, spiders, bats, and monkeys, all in skeleton form. There’s also a buck skull with impressive antlers and the rare skull of the unicorn. Whatever suits your ghoulish fancy will be there.

For the brave and the Halloween-obsessed living in Orange County, the Roger’s Garden website is worth a visit. See photo galleries of each room, as well as a selection of items for sale. You can buy online or in person. Open hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.