Venture to the Laguna Art Museum from your Coastal Orange County HomeThe Laguna Art Museum is a true gem to those who call coastal Orange County home. With a long history, this museum has sought to bring art to the Laguna Beach area for more than 100 years. Today, there is an extensive art collection, special exhibitions, and programs for all. The museum offers school tours and has an active docent program. There are also art activities for families. Drop in art making is available at the LAM+LAB and patrons are also invited to make art at their coastal Orange County home.

Be sure to watch the calendar to stay up to date on current shows. Right now, all are welcome to view the annual Art and Nature Festival. This event began back in November and it will be going strong until April 25, 2022. There are many things to look forward to, including special exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, and films. There will also be family activities that follow the theme of art’s engagement with the natural world. This festival is a great way to bring art into the lives of children.

This festival serves many purposes. For one, community members can find ideas for art. Also, this event is meant to inspire artists, create connections between art and science, and raise awareness of environmental issues. Lastly, it is to celebrate Laguna Beach as a center of the appreciation of art and nature.

In addition to this event at the Laguna Art Museum, there will also be local community partners presenting nature themed exhibitions. Some of these locations include Suzi Q Senior Center, Kelsey Michaels Fine Art, Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach, and Community Arts Project at Wells Fargo. Everyone living in coastal Orange County is invited to learn more about the Laguna Art Museum and the Art and Nature Festival here.