Youth living in coastal Orange County are invited to participate in California Junior Lifeguard programs this summer. For 31 years, this organization has been providing instruction in lifeguarding skills, surfing skills, and ocean safety. These skills are essential when living in a coastal Orange County home. The ocean is magnificent, but powerful and must be enjoyed responsibly.

There are many sessions available throughout the summer touching on a variety of skills and topics. Each session is also for different ages. Browse the schedule to see what might work well for the children in your family. A few possibilities are Stand Up Paddle, Mini Jr. Guards, JG/SUP Back Bay Combo, Essential Jr. Guards, and more.

Junior Lifeguard Programs have one week and three week options. Participants learn to protect themselves and others while in the ocean environment. This includes ocean safety, first-aid, CPR, rescue techniques, body boarding, and surfing. Youth ages 8-17 are eligible for these programs, regardless of ability and skill level.

Those interested in stand up paddle boarding (SUP) are invited to participate in a weekly camp in Newport Beach Back Bay. Paddlers learn the basics of this sport, which include balance techniques, water and ocean safety, an introduction to equipment, surf etiquette, how to stand up, and much more. These camps are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Living in coastal Orange County offers numerous opportunities to enjoy the ocean. Each person might enjoy it in a different way, and some might even make a career out of being a lifeguard. There are many possibilities. Youth are invited to participate in Jr. Lifeguard Programs to learn how to be safe around the water and enjoy it to the fullest. Learn more about all of the different programs, find the calendar, and links to sign up here.