Coastal Orange County home owners get drinks from Blackie's by the Sea.Blackie’s by the Sea has been regularly adjusting to still serve those who call coastal Orange County home. Blackie’s by the Sea offers outdoor seating, curbside cocktails, and beer to-go with food orders. Times are tough for all restaurants, but Blackie’s by the sea has been an iconic fixture on the Newport Beach Boardwalk and has plans to continue serving customers. The bar was founded by William “Blackie” Blackstock in 1953. It’s the only bar that can claim to have its own beach and surfbreak bearing the same name, Blackie’s Beach. Being very close to the sand and the Newport Beach Pier, many who live in coastal Orange County have many fond memories of visiting Blackie’s, especially near their 21st birthday.

Relax With a Beer or a Cocktail, Order Snacks, and Have a Beach Picnic

A full bar is offered at Blackie’s by the Sea. One of the most popular selections is the world famous blizzard beer, which is served in a frosty mug or pitcher at below 29 degrees. It’s a welcome drink after a hot day spent at the beach. There are a huge number of beers on tap with a nice mix of domestic favorites and craft selections.

The food menu is simple, but gets the job done with tasty, inexpensive selections. The turkey and swiss panini melt and the special sandwich, which is an old family recipe, are just $5. A hot dog or grilled cheese sandwich is only $4. Find a pickled egg for $1.75, or a variety of other snacks such as beer nuts, almonds, potato chips, pistachios, or pretzels for either $2 or $3. Sit outside while munching on snacks and enjoying a cold beer with friends after spending a wicked day at the beach. Also consider picking up food and beverages on your way back to your coastal Orange County home to support this longtime Newport Beach business. Call 949.675.1074 to place an order and view the full menu at Blackie's by the Sea online