Get into gardening at your coastal Orange County home.Since you’re probably spending more time at your coastal Orange County home, it is a great time to improve your yard and enhance curb appeal. This is an especially great idea if you plan to put your coastal Orange County home on the market soon after the shelter in place order is lifted. First impressions are everything. It’s vital that potential buyers are impressed when they pull up to your home.

Help Your Coastal Orange County Home Shine with a Gorgeous Yard

While the weather is nice, it is a great time for those living in coastal Orange County to work on their yards. Get out of the house and trim trees and shrubs. Get rid of the dead branches and limbs, clean up the leaves on the ground, and tend to the stems and blooms that are popping up. It is also a great time to get on top of weeds. Pull them out while the kids play in the yard or use eco-friendly products that will get rid of weeds without damaging the soil or grass.

Spring is also a terrific time to treat bare patches in the lawn with fresh grass seed. Use the same variety of grass that is already growing in the yard and focus on the areas that really need a boost. Follow the package directions and water the grass seed every day to make sure it grows.

Add some more beauty and color to your yard by planting bulbs and preparing other areas for flowers. If you can get to the hardware store, find some more plants to add to your yard. You can also order online. Whether someone is interested in buying your home as an Orange County investment property or as a place for their family to live, it is important to present your house at its best. Taking the time to enhance the curb appeal will get more people in the door and help your house to sell faster.