All Kinds of Boats To See Near Ice Skating Near Coastal Orange County Homes in the Boat Parade.jpegThe Newport Beach Boat Parade has been an annual tradition for many who call Newport Beach home. The parade runs for five nights each year around Christmas. With deep roots in the community, this parade has been going on for more than 100 years. Sure, the boats may look a little different now than they did 100 years ago, but the same community building tradition lives on. What started as a few dozen boats floating in a parade is now an event that involves hundreds of boats with spectacular lighting displays.

There's Nothing Quite Like the Newport Beach Boat Parade

If you have not experienced the boat parade, you should go. There are all types of boats involved in the parade, including multi-million dollar yachts, fishing boats, and canoes. Everyone gets involved, even the nearby Newport Beach home owners and businesses decorate. Even the docks are all lit up. Prizes are awarded for the best decorations on both boats and homes. There are millions of lights, special effects, and so much more. Who needs snow or the North Pole, when Christmas displays like this are alive and well in Newport Beach?

To view the Newport Beach Boat Parade, there are many options. You can watch from your favorite shoreline restaurant, watch from Newport real estate located on the shore, walk to the shoreline, or buy tickets for reserved seating. Another option is to schedule a cruise with Davey’s Locker. There are three cruises available each night so that you can choose the best day and time for you. On a cruise, you can see everything, including the decorated boats, businesses, and homes. Plus, the Davey’s Locker boats will also be decorated, making it feel like you are part of the experience. Learn more about cruises available with Davey’s Locker and find more general details about the Newport Beach Boat Parade here.