Go to TomatoMania near Newport Coast homes.Spring is coming and that means that it’s time for all who live in Newport Coast homes to get excited about Tomatomania! Roger’s Gardens is proud to present this event that’s in it’s 9th year. The main event will take place from February 26th through March 7th and the plant sale continues March 8th through March 28th. The event is large and fun and features a tomato sale, accessories you can use to grow tomatoes, and information about tomatoes and how to care for them. There will be more than 200 varieties of heirloom and hybrid tomato plants available. These include new varieties for 2021 as well as a large selection of peppers.

Find Amazing and Delicious Tomatoes to Bring Back to Newport Coast Homes

During the event, the 2021 Tomato of the Year will be introduced. Learn more about the ‘Lava Flow’ tomato that has an incredible flavor. This tomato is lovely, with a red striped skin and a flesh that features pink, red, and yellow. This tomato has complex flavors and is very juicy. It’s a great choice for a snack or salads.

Get excited about your vegetable garden at your Newport Coast real estate. Get the best jump on the growing season with high quality plants, soil, fertilizer, and accessories. Come out to Roger’s Gardens and also participate in live streams during the event. These will take place on Instagram and Facebook Live. Find such topics as Five Tips to Growing Healthy Tomatoes, Growing Tomatoes in Your Coastal Garden, and Understanding the Classes of Tomatoes. Everyone living in Newport Coast homes is invited to come to the event and participate in the live streams.Consider sharing this event with friends across the country since there are so many live streams. Everyone deserves a great harvest of tomatoes. Find more details about this event, find links to the live streams, and learn more about Roger’s Gardens