The Sherman Library and Gardens is an incredible resource for those living in a Newport Beach home. You can visit the beautiful gardens, spend time in the library, attend events, and sign up for classes and workshops. One event coming up is Ikebana Workshop: The principles of KYOKU SEN, Curved Lines “Lively Motion.” This workshop will take place on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Valeria Brinkers from the Sangatsu School will be ready to instruct participants in making an arrangement using the kanzan (pin frog) and subian vase (flat vase). Valerie is a professor at the Ikebana Sangetsu School and is very active in community events, classes, and workshops. She is the former president of Ikebana International Los Angeles Chapter. Everyone will learn how to find the best angle and aspect of each element to create a clear sense of motion and direction. This study gives the impression of branches flowing and dancing in the wind. Participants will learn how to choose curvy and flowing materials that are light and buoyant.

There is no need for any prior experience to take part in this workshop. Everyone will be instructed in the process and leave the class with a lovely arrangement to take back to their Newport Beach real estate. In addition, each participant will get to keep their ikebana scissors, pin frog, and vase to keep practicing and creating. The cost is $140 for members or $155 for non-members. There is a maximum of 20 people in the class, so be sure to reserve your space early. Everyone living in a Newport Beach home is invited to learn more about this event and reserve your space here. While at the website, read more about the Sherman Library and Gardens and also take a look at future events.